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About GearShopPro LLC

GearShopPro LLC was founded with the purpose of addressing the following issues shared by gear shops of all sizes,

1. They have to develop in-house calculation procedures based around gear standards such as AGMA, ISO, DIN, BGA, JIS etc., suited to their own manufacturing capability. These in-house calculation procedures are old and difficult to maintain and update.

2.  Maintaining good housekeeping and effective design/manufacturing data transfer between departments to improve their products. They often use tool cards to track cutting tools usage. Tool cards are often not updated, or get lost though.

3. Surplus stocks of cutting tools from years of trial cutting, development or discontinued products, is a common problem in every gear shop.

4. Facing a significant decline in gear industry expertise, because the most educated crop of experts are ready to retire.

GearShopPro has been created to retain the gear knowledge in design, calculation, analytical techniques and manufacturing,. GearShopPro has software tools exclusively for gear shops to collaborate easily in design, process planning, tool room management, tool search, simulation and analysis as well as machining.

Mission Statement

GearShopPro was founded with the vision of producing innovative and collaborative solutions to enable designers, process engineers, tool engineers and machining people to work together seamlessly through networking and advanced software technology. As your gearing partner, our goal is to help you streamline your Gear manufacturing processes for maximum productivity and profitability.

What we offer.

We provide powerful software modules (Design, process planning, tool room management, tool search, simulation & analysis, machining) to streamline your Gear manufacturing processes  


The software is devided into independent modules, giving you the freedom the choose your desired features.

Extendible and flexible.

The modules are easily adaptable to meet the requirements of a growing or changing business


Our modules are suitable for businesses of any size, as they can run on a single PC, a network, or even across multiple locations.

Vision Statement

Helping Gear Shops Around the World be more productive and profitable

Call us about available software or custom software.  We are available for on-site instruction in the use of our software.

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