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Gear/Spline Design Modules
Process Planning Module
Machining Module
Tool Room Management Module
Tool Search and Analysis Modules
Master Gear
Form Wheel
Threaded Wheel
Process Issues Tracking
Gear/Spline Reverse Engineering

Gear Pair and Spline Pair design modules

The Gear pair design tools give you the flexibility, freedom and confidence to bring your vision to reality, easily and quickly. Gear pair design offers you the following features
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Gear Pair Design (Involute only)
External, Internal, spur and helical.
Major tolerance standards, AGMA, DIN, ISO, JIS, GB and user defined
Design new pair or design mate based on existing part or design master gear
standard and non-standard center distance
Depth system
User defined
Full Root Radius
Pre-Shave Standard
Fellows Standard
Fellows Stub
Fine Pitch Standard
Old American Standard
PGT-1 Tooth Form
PGT-2 Tooth Form
PGT-3 Tooth Form
PGT-4 Tooth Form
Tooth size methods
Chordal tooth thickness
Normal circular tooth thickness
Measurement over balls
Span measurement
Normal backlash
Tooth height methods (Enlarged or reduced profile)
Tip Diameter
Shift Factor X
% Over Size
Start of Active Profile (SAP)
User Input
Track design variations
Design gear pair based on existing 'Common' tools
Graphics Visualizer help to spot design flaws and provide design warning messages.
Dynamically show pair meshing in action
Graphics show teeth contacting, to show interference if any
Revision History
Secured design approval
Export pair design to Text/Excel/PDF files

    Gear Pair design examples

Spline Pair Design
Simple steps to walk you through the spline pair design quickly, Spline Pair design provides the following features
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Spline Pair Design (Involute only)
External and Internal Splines
Spline design standards
ANSI B92.1-1996
ANSI B1992.2M-1980 (R1989)
DIN 5460-1:2006-03
DIN 5482-1973-03
JIS B1603-1995
BS 3550-1983-09
ISO 4156 -1981
GB 3478.1 2008
Design new pair or design mate based on existing part
Track design variations
Design spline pair based on existing 'Common' tools
Revision History
Secured design approval
Export pair design to Text/Excel/PDF files

    Spline Pair design examples

Data exchange, document automation and Engineering CAD drawing supports

     Gear/spline, either single or pair, process data and associated cutting tools data, which can be packed into one XML file for exporting and importing to other subsidiary of organization without re-entering the information. XML export/import capability makes inter-organization collaboration and communication easy and supply-chain management system feasible.

     Document automation, easy to produce detailed and insightful reports in Text/Excel/PDF/XML/DXF/IGES files for Gears/Splines and Cutting Tools for shop drawing, machining, documentation and information exchange.  

     Engineering CAD drawings in DXF or IGES  

        Complete Gear/Spline drawings in 2D (DXF, IGES) and 3D (IGES)  

        Paste Gear/Spline images to any windows graphic format for easy documentation.  

        Band fit(Lead or Profile) in DXF format for engineering drawing  

        Process notes in DXF formats for engineering drawings  

    CAD DXF examples


     Engineering CAD file in DXF or IGES with extended applications  

    CAD IGES 3D examples

        2D Tooth in DXF creates the profile in a series of arc forms that are generated based on selected Hob or Shaper, ideal for CNC milling, form cutting, form grinding or EDM  

        3D IGES complete gear models for CNC milling or RAM EDM  

        3D IGES Tooth models for FEA or CNC milling  


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