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Gear/Spline Design Modules
Process Planning Module
Machining Module
Tool Room Management Module
Tool Search and Analysis Modules
Master Gear
Form Wheel
Threaded Wheel
Process Issues Tracking
Gear/Spline Reverse Engineering

Gear manufacturing is not a black art. It is, however, a relatively specialized, sophisticated technique, from gear design, gear process, work holding and cutting tools selection; we are talking about a team of gear designers, process engineers, tool engineers and machining people working together to finally come out with quality products. GearShopPro recognizes the importance of streamlining the operation, improved efficiency, cost savings and better quality control, the following feature rich software solutions help you to achieve these goals,

Gear Pair, Spline Pair design  (Involute only)

Green Parts System  Gear/Spline process planning in green (soft) stage

Quick Size System  Gear/Spline cut to size in one shot

Tool Room Management  Tool inventory control, monitors the usage history and keeps track of tool re-sharpening

Cutting tools search, cutting simulation, analysis  and tooth size development

Process Issues Tracking  Helps You Grow Big and Stay Lean


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