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Hob Search & Analysis

GearShopPro Hob module offers the following Hob tooth form options


  1. Dual Pressure Angle on flank
  2. Full Radius on Round Tooth Tip
  3. Tooth Tip with 'Flat' or 'Flat + Cap'
  4. Tooth Tip Corner Radius
  5. Protuberance, type I and II
  6. Approach for gear tooth tip relief modification, line or arc
  7. Ramp for gear tip chamfering
  8. Crown profile

  • Generating analysis on gear/spline tooth, from tip to root
  • Generating mesh and envoloping mesh simulation studies on how cutter forms the chamfer, tip relief, involute profile, TIF vs. SAP, under cut and trochoid root.
  • Calculate profile slope error, crowning, amount of tip relief, even scallop prediction due to tool runout from chosen tools
  • Allows the existing hob tooth design to be modified interactively to get the most desirable gear/spline profile.
  • Helps design new hob tooth form to suit the design of gear tooth if the search hob module is unable to find the matching tool.
  • Easily creates a PDF order form to send to cutting tool manufacturers to place order.

    Hob Tools search and analysis examples

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