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Gear/Spline Reverse Engineering

 Gear/Spline Reverse Engineering Module

Using CNC Gear inspection machine to do reverse engineering of gear/spline often return weird parameters of module, pressure angle and helical angle not common seen in gear design.

  • MN = 3.9138
  • aN= 16.1792°
  • b= 27.3453°

GearShopPro provides a smart math model to find the optimum module, pressure angle and helix angle by dragging a slide bar  

  • MN = 4
  • aN= 20°
  • b= 28°

  • Fuzzy search will help you to quickly locate cutting tools from the existing inventory and perform cutting simulation to determine if chosen cutters are right for the job.
  • For reverse engineering of spline, this wizard can even identify the quality of class/grade of selected tolerance standard and return the non-measurable attributes such as effective tooth thickness/space width.

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