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Closed-Loop Tool Room Management Module

16% of production suspension is caused by the lack of tools, 30% to 60% of the tool inventory is not under control, and machine operators spend 20% of the time searching for tools, GearShopPro offers Tool Room Management Module that will help the following,

The Tool Room Management module controls and monitors the usage history of tools and keeps track of tool re-sharpening

  • Tracks stock quantities of gear tools that are 1) Active, 2) Retired, 3) Lost, 4) Broken, 5) Sold, 6) Consignment, 7) Lend 8) Lease
  • Alerts to place order if inventory is short.
  • Tracks history of tool usage in each stage of process, number of parts cut, when(check in/out), where(machine), who(operator), what (job, operation)
  • Tracks re-sharpening, recoating and re-condition history.
  • Monitors tool wear (OD and life notch) and servicing rates, Tool Life % clearly shows you amount of tool life left.
  • Per piece cost analysis for each cutter to identify the best cutting tool suppliers

  • Create a sustainable quality plan, easily logging and tracking gear inspection reports and tools re-sharpening reports.
  • Quick Tool shortage check immediately shows you which tool number is short in stock and whom the tool supplier to place order with.
  • Tool Life % indicator shows the remaining life of each tool by color of Green, Yellow and red. Identify when tools need to be replaced.
  • Auto Tool shortage and Tool Life Expiration warning Email Notification to your desktop or mobile devices, no more production delayed or interruptions.

Tool Room Management supports the following gear tools

  1. Involute hob
  2. Involute Shaper
  3. Involute Shaver/Hone
  4. Involute Form Wheel
  5. Involute Form Cutter
  6. Worm Gear Hob
  7. Gear & Spline Broach
  8. Spline Rolling Die
  9. Spline Gauge
  10. Threaded Grinding Wheel
    Tool Room Management examples

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